Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Leaf Girls Go Hollywood!

We knew it was only a matter of time before New Leaf would be 'discovered'. Well...not really. Let me explain....

A year and a half ago, Floridians Michelle Cassidy and John Bannon decided to tie the knot in Newport, RI. Little did they know that they would find themselves being filmed for a network television series on WEtv called "Platinum Weddings". It's basically a show about really fancy weddings.
Please don't confuse this show with Bridezillas (although that show is a fantastic car wreck kind of reality programming). Michelle was nothing like those brides...she was sweet, down-to-earth, and incredibly easy-going. Oh, and beautiful.

Pressure? Nah..we make sure all of our brides always look perfect. The secret stress was actually worrying about us being filmed...after a day of working, we don't always look 'camera ready':o) It's not about us for heaven's sake, we are worried about the wedding party!

With the help of Raina from Raina Dawn Events, we organized a schedule that would allow us to beautify all Michelle's ladies at the Viking Hotel in Newport.

Leah, Ashley and I (Courtney) arrived at 8 am sharp, styling tools in hand.

Imagine your nerves on your wedding day...
Now add a sound person, a producer and an assistant interviewing you. I give Michelle a lot of credit for remaining so calm!

Here is Leah styling Michelle...

And a sampling of some of the styles we created...
I love Ashley's rockstar meets elegant bridesmaid creation. Michelle's bridesmaid was feeling pretty hot!

I love how all Ashley's styles are so different. Sometimes asymmetrical updos can look bare on one side...but not this one!
With an added rope braid effect.
I wish I took a picture of her 'before'--it was a chin length bob!
Michelle's maid of honor went for a Lauren Conrad inspired style...

Michelle's hair was just past her shoulders but Leah added extensions for length and thickness.
And the back...
I (Snap!)ped a quick picture of our friend Mariah who recommended us to Raina and Michelle.
She was laying in a very uncompromising position on the bed to get a shot of Michelle's gown...hey, anything for a unique angle!
And now this is when this blog gets MUCH better...
Mariah gave us the thumbs up to post some of her photos...she was probably really thinking 'hallelujah, these girls could use a little help!'

Here is Mariah's shot of the gown...Dreamy.
Something blue from her bridemaids...
Michelle's mom and dad helping her put on her necklace...
How romantic is her hairstyle?
Walking down the aisle with her hair peeking through that incredible veil!
Here's something our blog-followers don't to see too often...the GROOM!
I think this is always my favorite wedding's such real emotion.
Are these photos incredible or what? Love the vintage feel.
The girls looking all glamorous...
Ashley got to stay and hang with the crew all day for touch-ups (which we offer as an added service for all wedding parties) . It was a good idea on Michelle's part since the hot and humid day started at 8 am and finished the next at 1 am!
After all the formals, Ashley changed Michelle's hairstyle to complement the different one-shoulder accessory. As Mariah says, she looks like an angel:o)

To see more of Michelle and John's Platinum Wedding, check out the Snap! blog. Make sure to check out all the 'Parts'!!

Congratulations to Michelle and John and as always, thanks for choosing New Leaf! Also a special thanks to Raina and to Mariah for hooking us up with the photos!!

FYI, the episode won't air until next spring...I guess that's how it works in Hollywood! We'll keep you 'post'-ed (sorry for the bad pun on blogging)!

Stay tuned...

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